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Enjoy the finest fleet of award-winning fishing charter boats in Los Suenos and Jaco Beach, Costa Rica's big game fishing capital, hands down!

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Costa Rica's top producing sport fishing Boats

We at have worked hard to select only the top producing Jaco & Los Suenos fishing charters and the most professional, tournament seasoned Captains and Crews to serve even the most demanding fishing groups around the world.

With our 20+ years in the Sport Fishing, Lodging & Hospitality industry, you can be assured that when you get on board any of these Jaco / Los Suenos Costa Rica deep sea fishing charters (or inshore fishing charters), you will enjoy the fishing expertise and service you expect & deserve!

Los Suenos Costa Rica Fishing Charters

Los Suenos Marina & Resort in Herradura Bay is Globally known as the Fishing Capital of Costa Rica!

Our fleet of fishing charters in Los Suenos and Jaco Costa Rica represent only those which have earned the rights to be a part of the team by consistently demonstrating exceptional Angling skills, delivering the highest levels of Customer service, and who are willing to go the extra mile to make your inshore and deep sea fishing trips in Costa Rica the absolute best experience!

What to expect about the Costa Rica Fishing Charters?

Costa Rica’s rich coastlines offer some of the best sport fishing trips in the world with each coast distinctively different. On the Pacific side (the most coveted and recommended for big game fishing lovers), you are spoilt for choice with the chance to have always a great fishing time due to the seasoned captains and guides you get with these world-class in-shore & deep sea fishing charters in Los Suenos and Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.

Whether you choose to go fishing Offshore for trophy Sailfish, Marlin, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, and Wahoo, or Nearshore/Inshore for giant Roosterfish, Snapper, Jacks, Mackerel, or Snook, Costa Rica sportfishing locations like Jacó, Los Sueños (or Quepos to a lesser extent) are all you could ever dream for a fishing vacation.

Our Los Suenos fishing charters offer the leading Captains & Boats in all of Costa Rica to provide you with the highest fishing opportunities to enjoy successful, safe, and memorable sportfishing vacations!

Frequently asked questions about Jaco & Los Suenos Costa Rica fishing charters

The Jaco/Los Suenos fishing is by far the best in the country. Period! This region is globally known and recognized as the Fishing Capital of Costa Rica!  And this is why we decided to base ourselves here.

Regardless of what any one from any other part of the country tells you, the offshore Big Game fishing in Jaco/Los Suenos is by far the most consistent and productive year round… and that’s no fish story!

The fishing in the Los Suenos – Jaco Beach region is excellent year round, however during certain months of the year, different species of Game fish are more abundant than others.

To see what months typically represent the best time to fish for the different species we catch, please visit our Fishing Calendar page to use as a general guideline.

Yes. Costa Rica requires that all passengers on board a fishing charter boat, purchase and carry a valid Costa Rica fishing license wether you intend to fish or not.

You will be required to purchase your Costa Rica fishing license from the INCOPESCA agent located at the dock entrance on the morning of your first day of fishing.

The cost is $15.00/pp and is payable in Cash USD only. The license is valid for one week from date of purchase.

Your charter will depart the dock at 7:00am in the morning and return between 3:45-4:00pm. Please arrive at the dock no later than 6:50am to insure a timely departure and maximize your fishing time.

All of our full day fishing charters include Lunch for all, assorted beverages including beer, bottled water, fruit, and snacks. If you have a personal preference in food, beverage, or anything else, you are welcome to bring it aboard with you.

We suggest you bring Sun block, a hat or cap, Sunglasses, a towel, digital camera/smartphone, white soled sneakers, or boat shoes, any special medications you may need.

Yes, on our carefully selected smaller Panga style boats, ½ day Near shore trips for Roosterfish, Snapper or Offshore for medium sized  Mahi-Mahi and small Tuna are offered. ½ day trips are an option with only a few of our larger boats out of the Marina, as a full day is required to deliver the quality and quantity of trophy Big Game Fish that has become synonymous with the Hooked On Costa Rica name.

All boats in our fleet are equipped with state of the art Big Game fishing gear from industry leaders such a Penn, Shimano, Daiwa, Avet , Accurate, and more. Our crews use the lures, teasers, baits, and rigging that are time tested and have proven to be the most productive for our waters.

While it’s not necessary, you are welcome to bring your own big game rod/reel or any favorite lure/teaser you may have.

Our fishing boats however, are equipped with tournament grade Top Shelf Rods and Reels as well as all of the time tested big game fishing tackle and gear that has proven to raise and catch the most fish in the Pacific (Los Suenos/Jaco Costa Rica) waters.

NO. All edible, non-release fish such as Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, or Yellowfin Tuna, Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack or Mackerel that are caught on your charter are YOURS! The mates will fillet, bag and ice your fish on board. It is customary to offer your crew a bag of fillets, however it is NOT required

All Billfish caught on our boats will be live released, once they have been brought boat side, to insure the best chances of survival. Edible species such as Dorado, Wahoo, Tuna, Snapper, and more, will be filleted by your mates on board, at no additional charge. We will gladly direct you to one of our sponsor restaurants, where they will cook your fresh fish for you at a very reasonable price.

Some Airlines may allow you to take frozen fillets home with you in your checked baggage, however it is a very cumbersome process. CHECK with your Airline before you travel to see if they allow it. 

Those that do allow it usually require that your fillets must be fully frozen, and can not be included in your carry-on luggage, but checked baggage only.

Furthermore, you can not pack your frozen fillets with any other type of ice, or foreign substance. It is very difficult to take fish back with you and we don’t suggest you attempt to.

A minimum of 15%-20% per day is customary. 20% is normal. Under no circumstances should tipping be based on how many fish you catch. If your Captain and crew work hard at finding the fish, make multiple moves, change bait presentations, service your needs, and the bite is just plain slow, they are certainly not to blame. There are no Captains that we employ who depart the dock hoping to not catch fish.

The Captains of our charter boats know the perfect fishing spots based on the current fishing seasons and calendars, and respect that your fishing expectations are high as soon as you get on board your charter boat, and will work hard to deliver you a trophy day on the water, however fishing will always be fishing, and if the fish don’t want to bite, they won’t. We are fortunate to have many more successful fishing days on the water here than not, but like anywhere in the world you fish, slow days happen. Please don’t fault your Captain & Crew for it.

No. While booking one of our complete, customized  all-inclusive fishing packages is by far the best way to go, We often have customers that already have hotel or accommodation arrangements and or transportation arrangements.

You may still enjoy the benefits of booking your fishing charters with us and fishing on our top producing boats of Los Suenos/Jaco and Quepos area, as well as having us make all of your Jaco adventure tours, or private airport transfer reservations for you, without purchasing a complete package.

We work with the regions proven leaders in tours, transfers, and accommodations and will always get you the best deal for your money while you are fishing in Costa Rica.

Yes. If you come in on one of our Multi-Inclusive value fishing packages, your choice of 1 tour/excursion will be included in the cost. You are welcome to take as many other adventure tours as you wish, for the cost of that tour. Many of our guests take the Zip Line Canopy tour as their included tour, and choose to do the Jaco ATV tour or Whitewater Rafting as well.

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